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    How to choose a cleaner and humidifier?

    Cleaners, humidifiers Aic

    You feel uncomfortable in your own apartment, you stuffy and the air feels heavy? Unfortunately, this is a common problem urban dweller. Many are saved in the old - hang wet towels, put a basin of water under the battery. But globally it does not help. And, unfortunately, the problem is even much bigger than it seems at first glance. The fact that the dry air pollution contains large amounts of various harmful substances. They are deposited in the form of dust in the room. A wet cleaning saves while. Especially of young children suffer. They become restless, can not sleep for a long time, they are more likely than other kids happen colds. In this situation, save special apparatus for cleaning and humidifying the air.

    But often consumers find themselves in a dilemma, what they need - clean air, moisten it, or even buy a universal device that could combine these two functions. Let's try to understand the differences between these devices, and how to choose exactly what you need.

    Cleaners, humidifiers Timberk

    Let's start with moisturizers. Generally, the humidity of the air - is one of the most important parameters responsible for the comfort of the person. Unfortunately, in terms of city apartments it does not always meet the necessary parameters. Therefore, to achieve that if the humidity was not ideal, but at least normal for a comfortable existence, helps humidifier.

    In order to understand whether you need in your apartment to "correct" the humidity, it is worth to start to buy a hygrometer - a device that will show exactly what kind of humidity in the room. If the air is really dry, then buying a humidifier, decide the amount of reservoir performance of the device, an area that needs to moisturize as well as the shape and design of the device. The latter is especially true if you are buying a humidifier for a child's room - a child should not feel uncomfortable at the sight of the device - it is better if it is like a toy.

    Next, decide what kind of humidifier you want to buy. For example, you can restrict a budget model with cold steam. Or purchase a steam or ultrasonic humidifier. If you wish to have in the house has always been an ideal microclimate, then we are talking about multi-functional air wash.

    Cleaners, humidifiers Vitek

    Principle of operation of conventional models with cold steam is extremely simple: fan built into the device directs the water to the evaporator cartridges or filters, and there is moisture into the room. Typically, these models produce 3-8 liters of water per day. Steam humidifier operates like an ordinary kettle, principle of operation - boiling water and steam isolation, only pairs that make the air humid enough. Performance of such a device - to 16 liters of water per day, and a minimum energy consumption. An example of such a device, e.g., Stadler Form Fred F-008EH.

    The most modern and the most quiet of all devices - ultrasonic humidifiers. In this case, the water vapor turns into the cold high-frequency diaphragm. By the way, in these devices, you can manually set the desired humidity level. Ultrasonic humidifiers are probably the most comfortable "neighbors" person, unlike steam and traditional.

    If the apartment is not only dry air, but "heavy", then maybe you should consider to buy an air purifier also. These devices can work around the clock in any room to have a low noise floor.

    Cleaners, humidifiers Aic

    The principle of operation is as follows: the incoming air passes into the two degree of purification, freeing it for 99.96% of harmful impurities, odors and allergens. Many models of air purifiers, such Boneco P2261, also have the function of ionization, saturating it with plenty of negative ions, which beneficially affects the human body and helps to improve his health.

    For complex purification facilities from harmful substances and wetting wiser not to spend money on two instruments, and buy a combined complex - so-called "air wash". This humidifier and air purifier are brought together. Principle of operation of such devices more difficult - the dust settles on the plastic discs that rotate in a tank with water, and then washed them with water.

    Only you can decide which model humidifier or air purifier purchase. One thing is clear - if you have shortness of breath, dry mouth, if you have low performance and you experience constant fatigue, and the air feels "heavy", the most likely problem is in how you breathe in your own apartment . So, with the purchase of a humidifier, air purifier or complex devices, perhaps, should hurry.


    Purifier, humidifier Philips HU 4903
    Philips HU 4903

    Purifier, humidifier Polaris PUH 1604
    Polaris PUH 1604

    Purifier, humidifier Bork H710
    Bork H710

    Purifier, humidifier AIC HDL-969
    AIC HDL-969

    Purifier, humidifier Electrolux EHU 2510D
    Electrolux EHU 2510D

    Purifier, humidifier Ballu UHB-550E
    Ballu UHB-550E

    Purifier, humidifier SUPRA SAC-100
    SUPRA SAC-100

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